Rita Gets Her "Strokes" Right

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Firey redhead teen bitch Rita gets private swim lessons from "Mommy and Daddy" - the really private kind, where the instructor comes over and teaches her about different strokes. Well, teenage Rita doesn't really practice all that much, and she is not doing too well. Coach Chris isn't happy with her slow progress. Luckily, Rita is quite the resourceful young girl, and she knows how to make the unhappy happy again. In this case, it just took giving up that sweet ass of hers. The backstroke became a breaststroke which led to a cock stroke, turning that into a breast stroke of a different kind altogether, that then begat stroking her pink wet pussy, and ended in a stroke of genius that left Coach Chris' creamy white genes all over Rita's pretty little face. How's that for a stroke lesson, Mom and Dad?


Bliss Plays A Game For "Game"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Bliss likes to play games. Mostly on game consoles, like her Playstation, of course, but she has actual game, and she knows how to use it. When her console broke this afternoon, she used her "game" to get her friend to send her older brother over to fix it. Voodoo recognizes "game", and once the teenager's video game was in order, the real games began. She grabbed  Voodoo by the cock, and made it a point to show him what "level 6 power-ups" were all about. He powered up alright - right in her mouth before swinging his wand into her pussy for some devastating poundage. This was definitely the way to go for Bliss. A free fix and a creamy cum facial. What more could a gaming girl ask for?

Kristy Gets A Massage


Kristy's mom can be forgetful. Just today, for example, she forgot her appointment with her masseuse, Ramon. It was pre-paid, though, and when her sexy blond daughter was home to answer the door, she gave Ramon the bad news. He felt bad because the fee was non-refundable, and offered to give Kristy the massage instead. When it was all said and done, though, her lithe teen body ended up getting a good oily rubdown. Ramon couldn't believe the body on this girl - she definitely drank her milk and took her vitamins. Ramon congratulated her on her diligence by flat out pounding her pussy with his meaty cock. A hot rubdown and an even hotter fucking - involving a thorough finger-fucking of her tight little pink puckered asshole while he drove his cock deep into her cunt!

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